History of Murraylands Gem and Mineral Club Inc.



Mar 1993

A small group met at the Lymn home for a social meeting and continued to do so on a monthly basis at each other's homes.

Jun 1995

First committee elected. Meeting held at Max Arthur's home. President: Kym Loechel, Vice President: Ray Quast, Secretary: Nancy Lymn, Treasurer: Brenton Bennett, and Committee: Rubein Geister. Guest Speaker: April Blair.

Jul 1995

Club name voted. 'Murray Bridge Gem and Mineral Club' adopted. GEMCASA informed of new club. First Newsletter and first Raffle $21.60

Sep 1995

Club affiliated with GEMCASA. First fieldtrip to Angus Creek at Birdwood for gold panning. Club display at Murray Bridge Show.

Dec 1995

Meeting held at Memorial Rest Rooms, South Terrace, Murray Bridge.

Jan 1996

Meeting held at Spinners and Weavers Hall, Jose Street, Murray Bridge.

Mar 1996

Club logo appears on Newsletter. Designed by April Blair.

Sep 1996

Meeting held in Dinning Room, Murray Bridge show Grounds.

Jan 1997

Mineral Competition starts; 'Open', 'Novice', and 'Junior'.

Mar 1997

Workshop up and running at Murray Bridge show Grounds. 'Novelty' added to competitions.

Apr 1998

Murray Bridge Gem and Mineral Club organize fieldtrips for Gawler Gemboree.

Oct 1998

Palmer Rockarama idea suggested for May weekend 1999.

Jan 1999

'Fossils' added to competitions.

May 1999

First Palmer 'Rockarama' a great success.

Dec 1999

Wombat club mascot adopted.

May 2000

Second 'Rockarama'.

Jun 2000

Club 5 years old.

Apr 2001

First meeting at Palmer in Pavilion Hall.

May 2001

'Rockarama' and first 'South Australian Metal Detecting Championship' organized and run by club. 

Sep 2001

Clubrooms building program to build at Palmer starts.

Apr 2002

Clubrooms ordered.

Aug 2002

Clubrooms construction commenced at Palmer.

Oct 2002

Clubrooms at lockup stage.

Dec 2002

Flushing of Gyprock in clubrooms.

Apr 2003

Gemboree at Gawler - club runs field trips.

May 2003

First meeting in new clubrooms. New club logo adopted - designed by Sam Slater, and the club was renamed, 'Murraylands Gem and Mineral Club inc. (MGMC).

Nov 2003

Verandas erected on clubrooms.

Feb 2004

Septic installed and connected.

Jul 2004

Paving completed.

Jan 2005

Storage shed erection starts.

Apr 2005

Kitchen floor tiled and store room completed.

Jun 2005

Club 10 years old.

Jul 2005

10th birthday celebrations and the Official Opening by the Honorable Peter Lewis MP.

Jan 2006

'Metal Detecting Finds' included in competitions.

May 2006

Club website up and running.

Jun 2006

Toilet block delivered.

Sep 2006

Hot water service at clubrooms.

Jan 2007

Rear verandah and air-conditioning installed.

Apr 2007

Rear pavers installed.

May 2007

'Rockarama' moved to first weekend in May.

Oct 2007

Siversmithing classes began.

Dec 2007

New store shed erected.

Jan 2008

Murraylands Minors organized by Sonya Fraser and kid's point of view by Laura Fraser.

Mar 2008

Gemboree in Murray Bridge. MGMC runs fieldtrips and metal detecting field trip.

May 2011

Tenth 'South Australian Metal Detecting Championships held.

Apr 2013

Gemboree held in Murray Bridge - MGMC runs fossicking and metal detecting field trips.

Oct 2013

New president appointed: Ian Thorley.

Jun 2015

Club 20 years old.

Oct 2015

New president appointed: Kym Loechel.